After graduating as a proud Vandal from the University of Idaho with a bachelors in agricultural education, Pat Dixon went to the Treasure Valley and began his teaching career at Nampa High School. After 14 years at Nampa High School, Mr. Dixon moved south down to Madison High School. This year will be his 17th year of teaching and his excitement for the profession is just as evident and it was his first year of teaching.

When asked what his favorite part about being an agricultural educator was, Mr. Dixon had a lot to say.

“Ag teachers get to work with the best students out there. The cream of the crop ends up in our building. Respectful and good kids. Idaho ag teachers are a great group of colleagues that are really helpful, and you create a bond that no other teacher organization has. Everyone truly wants to see one another succeed.”

At Madison High School, they offer a broad set of classroom pathways for students to choose from. They have everything from aquaculture and mechanics classes to plant science and a full woodshop pathway. They are able to offer a variety of classes that help students find their potential career paths by having students participate in hands on activities like working in the greenhouse or using their 20-acre school farm for a land lab.

Mr. Dixon attributed his success as a teacher to having a great school board and supportive alumni that want to see the students succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Along with being an agricultural educator and FFA advisor, Mr. Dixon has served as the IATA President Elect and President, and an Idaho FFA Foundation and Idaho Steer a Year Board Member. Being an active teacher, not only in the classroom but on several of these boards, has given Mr. Dixon a voice in making big decisions that affect his student’s experiences inside of the classroom. His hard work and excitement for his students to succeed was noted in 2016 when he was awarded Idaho Ag Teacher of the Year.

“For me, Mr. Dixon was one of the main influences for joining FFA. He was always someone to look up to.  No matter what the situation was, he always knew what to do. No matter how severe the situation was, he would always stay calm and collected. He is one of the best men I know and has taught me way more than just shop. During our countless amount of time spent in his office during lunch or nursery and agronomy practices, there was always something that we laughed at together and everything was fun with him. Mr. Dixon is a great role model for every kid, and I do believe that if I am even half the man Mr. Dixon is, I’d be pretty content,” Gavin Coffman Past Nampa FFA Member.

Thank you to Mr. Dixon for being an outstanding role model and mentor to students and fellow ag teachers across the state!