2022 State CDEs & LDEs

Congratulations to the following chapters that will be competing at Nationals:

Agricultural Communications Jerome FFA
Agricultural Issues Forum American Falls FFA
Agricultural Sales Nampa FFA
Agricultural Technology & Mechanical Systems Meridian FFA
Agronomy Fruitland FFA
Conduct of Chapter Meetings Kuna FFA
Creed Speaking American Falls FFA
Dairy Cattle Evaluation & Management Preston FFA
Dairy Cattle Handler Nampa FFA
Employment Skills American Falls FFA
Environmental & Natural Resources Madison FFA
Extemporaneous Speaking Jerome FFA
Farm & Agribusiness Management Rigby FFA
Floriculture American Falls FFA
Food Science American Falls FFA
Forestry Kuna FFA
Horse Evaluation Rigby FFA
Livestock Evaluation Hagerman FFA
Marketing Plan American Falls FFA
Meats Evaluation & Technology Rigby FFA
Milk Quality & Products Fruitland FFA
Nursery/Landscape American Falls FFA
Parliamentary Procedure Fruitland FFA
Poultry Evaluation Preston FFA
Prepared Speaking Meridian FFA
Veterinary Science Meridian FFA


Potato Evaluation
Individuals Teams
1-Paislie Lancaster,  North Fremont 1- North Fremont – TEAM PHOTO
2- Draycen Lamm, Wendell 2- Wendell – TEAM PHOTO
3- Jailey Jones, Marsh Valley 3- Sugar-Salem – TEAM PHOTO
4- Kasey Kautz, Weiser 4- Weiser – TEAM PHOTO
5- Rillian Dodge, North Fremont 5- Payette – TEAM PHOTO
6- Blake Smith, Minico 6- Marsh Valley
7- Jacob Doty, Timberlake 7- Melba
8- Erin Auxier, Payette 8- Minico
9- Bryndi Harris, Sugar-Salem 9- Timberlake
10-Francis Diaz, Wendell 10- Hansen


Forestry Sponsored by Idaho Forest Group
Individuals Teams
1-Kamille Mirkin, Jerome 1-Kuna – TEAM PHOTO
2-Chase Wooten, Kuna 2-Rigby – TEAM PHOTO
3-Brooklyn Lowe, Kuna 3-Jerome – TEAM PHOTO
4-Rainey Bell, Rigby 4-Deary – TEAM PHOTO
5-Carl Stanton, Deary 5-Rockland – TEAM PHOTO
6- Tobee Holman, Rigby 6-Vallivue
7-Brandon Munk, Rockland 7-Gooding
8-Delainee Ellsworth, Deary 8-Madison
9-Bennett Price, Rigby 9-Meridian
10-Sierra Mickelsen, Madison 10-Fruitland
Marketing Plan
Sponsored by Wells Fargo
1-American Falls – TEAM PHOTO
2-Sugar-Salem – TEAM PHOTO
3-North Fremont – TEAM PHOTO
4- Meridian
5- Troy
Agricultural Technology & Mechanical Systems 
Sponsored by the Idaho FFA Foundation
Arc-MIG Welding
1-Hector Sanchez, Middleton
2-Tristan Smillie, Meridian
3-Julius Boelin, Payette
4-Connor Scarrow, Kimberly
5-Conner Mortensen, Rigby
Oxy-TIG Welding
1-Travis Grant, Rigby
2-Kayden Paul, American Falls
Tie 3rd- Cody Wilkerson, Meridian
Tie 3rd- Damion Williams, Madison
Tie 3rd- Tim Hebdon, Nampa
Tool ID
Tie 1st-Jacee Fuller, Filer
Tie 1st-Riley Ward, Gooding
Tie 1st- Steven Roberts, Preston
Tie 4th-Colton Smith, Payette
Tie 4th-Miles Peters, Meridian
Tie 4th-Levi Simmons, Rigby
Plastic Pipe Fitting
1-Justin Laurenson, Caldwell
2-Cooper Jackson, Jerome
3-Riley Ward, Gooding
4-Cole Holeman, Middleton
5-Wyatt Johnson, Potlatch
1-Cole Holeman, Middleton
2-Kaylee Sanchez, Vallivue
3-Brandon Clements, Kuna
Tie 4- Cole Anderson, Gooding
Tie 4- Cody Wilkerson, Meridian
Small Gas Engines
1-Miles Peters, Meridian
2-John LeJardi, Homedale
3-Jack Roberts, Nezperce
4-Cole Anderson, Gooding
5-Jake Hawley, Potlatch
1-Meridian – TEAM PHOTO
2-Gooding – TEAM PHOTO
3-Rigby – TEAM PHOTO
4-Payette – TEAM PHOTO
Food Science Sponsored by Amalgamated Sugar
Individuals Team
1 tie- Jasmin Hernandez, American Falls 1-American Falls – TEAM PHOTO
1 tie- Jenna Crossley, Preston 2-Hansen – TEAM PHOTO
3- Alyssa Hernandez, American Falls 3- Meridian – TEAM PHOTO
4- Lola Leslie, American Falls, 4- Preston – TEAM PHOTO
5- Lauren Muniz, Meridian 5- Kimberly – TEAM PHOTO
6- Lili Villavicenci, Hansen 6- Gooding
7- Kendal Crawford, Gooding 7- Hagerman
8- Cheyenne Hansen, Hansen 8- Rigby
9- Ashley Durrer, Meridian 9- Filer
10- Fernando Montelongo, American Falls 10- Wendell
Sponsored by J.R. Simplot Company Foundation and Valley Wide Cooperative
Individuals Team
1-Gracie Swope, Fruitland 1-Fruitland – TEAM PHOTO
2-Isabell Sommercorn, Kuna 2-Kuna – TEAM PHOTO
3-Gerald Storey, Fruitland 3-Rigby – TEAM PHOTO
4-Hailey Albertson, Rigby 4-Nampa – TEAM PHOTO
5-Gabe Donahoo, Fruitland 5-Filer – TEAM PHOTO
6- Rylee Bake, Fruitland 6-Jerome
7-Hattie Brechwald, Kuna 7-Meridian
8-Tobee Holman, Rigby 8-Parma
9-Katie Stoltey, Nampa 9-Bonners Ferry
10- Casey Van Patten, Nampa 10-Burley
Veterinary Science Sponsored by the Idaho FFA Foundation
Individuals Teams
1-McKenna Gibbens, Meridian 1-Meridian – TEAM PHOTO
2-Mason Hall, Meridian 2-Rigby – TEAM PHOTO
3-Abree Franklin, Meridian 3-Nampa – TEAM PHOTO
4-Gavin Sterns, Meridian 4-Vallivue – TEAM PHOTO
5-Shae Arnold, Nampa 5-Jerome – TEAM PHOTO
6-Bailey Ricks, Rigby 6-American Falls
7-Courtney Conley, Nampa 7-Kuna
8-Mattie Shaw, Kimberly 8-Rockland
9-Calihan Waller, Vallivue 9-Kimberly
10-Jaycee Ferguson, Rigby 10-Filer
Dairy Cattle Evaluation & Management Sponsored by the Idaho FFA Foundation
Individuals Teams
1-Anna Machado, Buhl 1-Preston – TEAM PHOTO
2-Kacie Wooten, Kuna 2-Cambridge – TEAM PHOTO
3-Baylee Rawlinson, Fruitland 3-Fruitland – TEAM PHOTO
4-Steven Roberts, Preston 4-Meridian – TEAM PHOTO
5-Zane Nichols, Cambridge 5-Kuna – TEAM PHOTO
6 tie-Jonatha Young, Jerome 6-Rigby
6-tie-Jacee Fuller, Filer 7-Jerome
8-Jaden Wilkes, Wendell 8-Castleford
9-Emma Barton, Cambridge 9- Buhl
10-Jake Schumann, Preston 10-Filer
Dairy Cattle Handler Sponsored by the Idaho FFA Foundation
1-Courtney Conly, Nampa – INDIVIDUAL PHOTO
2-Chase Conley, Nampa
3-Ruben Price, Bear Lake
4-Black Smith, Minico
5-Peyton Watson, Meridian
Milk Quality and Products Sponsored by the Idaho FFA Foundation
Individuals Teams
1 tie- Alexis Robertson, Filer 1- Fruitland – TEAM PHOTO
1 tie- Kaden Mackenzie, Fruitland 2- Filer – TEAM PHOTO
3- Austin Tesnohlidek, Fruitland 3- Preston – TEAM PHOTO
4- Jordan Sorensen, Preston 4- Jerome – TEAM PHOTO
5- Jenna Crossley, Preston 5- Castleford – TEAM PHOTO
6- Eliana Lilya, Filer 6- Kimberly
7- Alyssa Wilson, Jerome 7- Rigby
8- Kamille Mirkin, Jerome 8- Madison
9- Braden Griffith, Fruitland 9- Meridian
10-Sage Thompson, Jerome 10- Kuna
Livestock Evaluation Sponsored by the Idaho Cattle Foundation
Individuals Teams
1-Clayton Moore, Weiser 1-Hagerman – TEAM PHOTO
2- Sam Smith, Moscow 2-Lakeland 
3-Jace Hall, Kimberly 3-Rigby – TEAM PHOTO
4- Claire Kelley, Lakeland 4-Gooding – TEAM PHOTO
5- Gus Hooper, Hagerman 5-Sugar-Salem – TEAM PHOTO
6- Josiah Knapp, Hagerman 6-Kimberly
7- Saree Hillstead, Hagerman 7-Vallivue
8- Tyler Potter, Emmett 8- New Plymouth
9- Cooper Beener, Burley 9- Moscow
10- Lesly Marley, Sugar-Salem 10- Cambridge
Environment and Natural Resources Sponsored by the Idaho Forest Group
Individuals Teams
1-Tate Bloomfield, Madison 1-Madison – TEAM PHOTO
2-Phillip Barelac, American Falls 2-American Falls – TEAM PHOTO
3-Genny Bartholoma, American Falls 3-Rigby – TEAM PHOTO
4-Hallee Miller, Rigby 4-Preston – TEAM PHOTO
5-Hailey Stucki, Rigby 5-Meridian – TEAM PHOTO
6-Cooper Wolfe, Madison 6-Rockland
7-Daradie Peck, Rigby 7-Wendell
8-Carter Swenson, Madison 8-Nampa
9-Brandon Munk, Rockland 9-Kuna
10-Diego Rodriguez, Madison 10-Sugar-Salem
Agricultural Communications Sponsored by the Idaho FFA Foundation
Individual Teams
1-Aiden Evans, Jerome 1-Jerome – TEAM PHOTO
2-Lindsey Turpin, North Fremont 2-Rigby – TEAM PHOTO
3-Sophi Studebaker, Meridian 3-Madison – TEAM PHOTO
4-Cody Carlton, American Falls 4-North Fremont – TEAM PHOTO
5-Eli Palmer, North Fremont 5-American Falls – TEAM PHOTO
6-Joel Ricks, Rigby 6-Marsing
7-Hannah Clarke, Rigby 7-Meridian
8-Kameryn Bowen, American Falls
9-Louis Becraft, Madison
10-Kayson Muir, Madison
Meats Evaluation & Technology Sponsored by Idaho Cattle Foundation
Individual Team
1-Hallee Miller (Rigby) 1-Rigby – TEAM PHOTO
2- Victoria Alexander (Madison) 2- Gooding – TEAM PHOTO
3- Trysta McClain (Gooding) 3- Madison – TEAM PHOTO
4- Jace Hall (Kimberly) 4- Kimberly – TEAM PHOTO
5- Dallon Inouye (Gooding) 5- Filer – TEAM PHOTO
6- Lucy Barney (Rigby) 6- Troy
7- Kaylee Lierman (Filer) 7- Jerome
8- Brianna Bohney (Rigby) 8- Homedale
9- Keatin Smith (Kimberly) 9- Kuna
10- Paige Ray (Gooding) 10- American Falls
Nursery Landscape Sponsored by the Idaho FFA Foundation
Individuals Teams
1-Katie Bischoff, American Falls 1-American Falls – TEAM PHOTO
2-Emily Cook, Rigby 2-Middleton – TEAM PHOTO
3-Audrey Jenkins, Middleton 3-Rigby – TEAM PHOTO
4-Daniel Middelhoven, Kuna 4-Parma – TEAM PHOTO
5-Katie Stoltey, Nampa 5-Kuna – TEAM PHOTO
6-Lydia Shaw, Parma 6-Nampa
7-Liz Shaw, Parma 7-Meridian
8-Cooper Bowen, American Falls 8-Troy
9-Michele Abrao, Middleton 9-Bonners Ferry
10-Sayde Porath, American Falls 10-North Fremont
Individuals Teams
1-Anna Hernandez, American Falls 1-Burley – TEAM PHOTO
2- Courtney Beenew, Burley 2- American Falls – TEAM PHOTO
3- Ivan Victoria, Burley 3- Meridian – TEAM PHOTO
4- Jessica Hipwell, Melba 4- Melba – TEAM PHOTO
5- Aiden Kinley, Meridian 5- Kuna – TEAM PHOTO
6- Sayde Porath, American Falls
7- Morg Crosgrove, Meridian
8- Natalie Kornbau, Burley
9- Y Snyder Ebone, Meridian
10- Genny Bartholoma, American Falls